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Welcome to  Renegade Holsters

Renegade Holsters was formed in early 2017 by Matt Williams. Matt has been a firearms instructor and gunsmith for almost two decades. Like many, his passion for the world of firearms started in his youth. Since those earlier days he has been a student, a competitor, a teacher, an armorer and now with all that experience accumulated, a manufacturer.  Matt has seen a lot of equipment related mishaps both on the range and in the field. He strongly felt core equipment was being overlooked far too often. This began his work with kydex materials back in 2011. The goal was to produce a quality holster that the end user can completely depend on in the worst of conditions while offering aesthetic appeal that is represented in the customers daily activities.

In 2013 Matt shut down his firearms instruction organization, Gunfighters Clinic, to focus on improving designs for custom holsters and apply manufacturing techniques to streamline the process without sacrificing quality standards. Enter 2017. With hundreds of custom holsters made for former students and referrals from like minded businesses, Matt decided it was time to bring his designs to market. Thus Renegade Holsters was formed. Renegade currently has several staple designs ready for the customer to customize on our website in order to fulfill their needs. These holsters are of production design but with custom fit and finish. No detail goes unaddressed. From the body of the holster to the mounting hardware we have available, all features of our products have been rigorously tested and selected for the best choice for our valued customers.

The end result of our dedicated hard work is rewarded with holsters that display positive engagement, incredible speed, absolute dependability in an almost indestructible product. These are holsters that will fit your lifestyle for a lifetime.

RENEGADE HOLSTERS provides a lifetime warranty towards any defect in fit, form, material or function with all of our products. We all know the cost of failure in the harsh reality of a fight…. no second place. We follow a high standard to bring you a product you can count on when everything is on the line.


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