Glossary and Ordering Options

Kydex- Is a line of is a line of thermoplastic resilient to most elements.  It has a wide variety of applications, including for aircraft bulkhead (partition)s, firearm holsters, sheaths, and for knives.

Cant/Angle- The cant of which you choose is the angle that the holster will ride on your belt.  IWB holsters are adjustable. OWB holsters have a fixed cant. Muzzle straight down is a 0-degree cant.  10-degree forward tilt is our standard. 15 degrees is the standard FBI cant. The deciding factor of your cant will impact the ease of drawing you weapon smoothly. Taller people usually prefer 0 cant while those of average height are typically more comfortable with a forward angle.

Carry Position-  Depending on the shooter, the method of carry will be different. Imagine as a right-handed shooter your belt as a clock face. The strong-side is the position that rides at the 3 o’clock on your belt. Kidney is just that, riding at the 4:30 position. Appendix is the 1 to 2 o’clock position. SOB (small of the back) is at the 6 o’clock position. And finally, cross draw resides at the 11 o’clock. The opposite positions are true for the left-handed shooters out there.

  • Appendix Carry: Positioned on the beltline forward of the hip.
  • Kidney Carry: Positioned on the beltline behind the hip.
  • Strongside: Positioned directly on top of the hip.
  • Cross draw: Positioned forward of the opposite of the dominant side.
  • SOB: Small of the back

Body Shield- The body shield is intended to place contoured material between the weapon and the body of the shooter.

  • No body shield has a matching lip with the outer layer of your holster.
  • Mid Body Shield has the inner layer rise above the outer layer to both provide protection and allow the muzzle of you weapon a guide back into the holster.
  • Full Body Shield rises to the back of the slide eliminating any contact between metal and skin.

Retention Options

  • Hand fit- is just that. All our holsters with a hand fit are designed to click-lock into the holster without being overly abrasive to your guns finish. We emphasize on allowing the contour of you weapon to secure itself.  Ideal for concealed carry, at the range or in the comfort of your home. Designed for speed while keeping reasonable retention that won’t be knocked out of the holster.
  • Adjustable- Adjustable tension device is installed at the front of the trigger guard. You can open it up for more speed. Or for city life, screw it down a couple of turns and provide a higher level of security from your weapon being easily taken by a threat.
  • Level 2 Retention – Thumbreak- This is a simple robust button strap that straddles either side of your holster. The Thumbreak offers a rigid point of contact in order to release the button under pressure of your thumb. Excellent retention and required in some states for open carry of a pistol.

Specialty Cuts:

Speed Cut- Extremely low cut on the top strap of the holster with the exception of the front sight. Allows for quicker presentation of your firearm. Currently only available for EXFIL holster.

RMR Cut- Dedicated slot created to allow a weapon with a RMR or comparable red dot to securely fit holster without obstruction. Available on all models of holsters.

Mounting- The hardware you choose for your holster is very relevant to your method of carry, comfort and function. For instance, if you wish to wear your holster inside your waistband you will have to ask yourself, what type of clothing do you wear? Is it a suit and tie, tucked in polo or jeans and T shirt? Review the hardware related to each model in the examples below.

Our SHIV model is only available with hand fit retention and a reinforcement band on the slide and covering the muzzle. Both an adjustable cant tuck-able belt loop and 550 paracord are provided for mounting solutions.

The TOP IWB is typically carried strong side or kidney carry, the IWB is particularly well fitted for small to medium sized pistol for concealed carry. They can also function well for Appendix carry.

The Koni clip is a strong, single, quick 1.5″ belt clip. Center mounted on the frame and slide at the mouth of the holster. It is adjustable from a 0 to 15-degree cant.

Adjustable cant (also 0-15 degree) tuck-able clip (Single and Dual). A belt loop strut that mounts beneath the trigger guard and rises to the waistline to mount to belt. Single strut is standard on the IWB but a second can be opted for to better disburse weight for heavier model of weapons.

The Ulti-clip 3 is an extremely strong tension clip that allows for almost universal mounting onto belts, MOLLE, clothing, bags. The list goes on. Easy carry option for the days you go without a belt.

The SCAB OWB. This type of holster places strong attention into contour and concealment. Ours is available for most semiautomatic pistols on the market.

Warloop (belt loop) size- 1.5″ or 1.75″: A fixed belt loop pair sized to the width of your belt.

MOLLE Lok:  Fully MOLLE compatible clip. Easy, spring loaded clip allows for rapid mounting and unmounting.

Pancake loops: 1.5″ or 1.75″: A fixed belt loop pair designed to disburse weight over a wider area of your waist and allow for lowest possible profile.

Our EXFIL, named in honor of a term for getting our troops out of harm’s way, is designed to put a working gun into working hands. With a resilient one piece design that utilizes your choice between proprietary two excellent modular mounting systems

BladeTech Mini Modular Mounting system- This mounting system offers greater flexibility in mounting with a speed clip set up. It was designed to fit sheaths, holsters, pouches and Tasers. The safety features include impact resistant construction and dual locking mechanisms. This system works well on the chest, the thigh or the belt area. This version is a smaller, lighter model of the parent design.

G Code RTI Hanger- This system implements a lockable Keymod peg and slot set up that is both rugged and quickly detachable. 3 aircraft grade aluminum hanger pegs fit snugly in impact resistant slot arrangement creating a hard-mounting point to your method of carry.

Both the BladeTech and G Code systems offer complete portability to your weapon. Whether on your person, automobile, desk, bedside, bathroom; wherever you place a mounting plate you can count on your EXFIL to be ready to fight or to get the hell out of Dodge.


Solid Earth Tones:
Solid Vibrant Colors:
Carbon Fiber:
Raptor Leather:
Camouflage Patterns:



  • M84/85
  • 92A1
  • 92FS
  • APX
  • M9A1
  • M9A1 Compact
  • Nano
  • Pico
  • PX4 Storm Full size
  • Px4 Storm Compact
  • PX4 Storm Subcompact


  • HP
  • 1911 .380


  • TP9 SF
  • TP9SF Elite
  • TP9SA


  • Rhino 2”
  • Rhino 4”


  • 1911A1
  • 1911 Enhanced
  • 1911 M45A1
  • 1911 Rail
  • Pocketlite .380


  • CZ75
  • P01
  • SP01
  • P07
  • P09
  • P10


  • Diamondback 9mm


  • FN 5.7 mk2
  • FN 509
  • FNS 9/40
  • FNS 9/40 Compact
  • FNS 9/40 LS
  • FNX 40
  • FNX 45


  • GEN 3 17/22/31
  • GEN 3 19/23/32
  • GEN 3 26/27/33
  • GEN 3 34/35
  • GEN 3 20/21
  • GEN 3 29/30
  • GEN 4 17/22/31
  • GEN 4 19/23/32
  • GEN 4 26/27/33
  • GEN 4 34/35
  • GEN 4 20/21
  • GEN 4 29/30
  • GEN 4 40
  • GEN 4 41
  • GEN 4 42
  • GEN 4 43


  • HK45
  • HK45 Tactical
  • HK45 Compact
  • HK45 Compact Tactical
  • HK P2000
  • HK P2000SK
  • HK P30
  • HK P30 Tactical
  • HK P30L
  • HK P30SK
  • HK P7M13
  • HK USP 9/40
  • HK USP 9/40 Tactical
  • HK USP 9/40 Compact
  • HK VP9
  • HK VP40
  • HK VP9SK


  • CM9
  • CT380
  • CT45
  • CW45
  • CW9
  • PM9


  • PF9
  • PMR


  • 1911 Ultra
  • 1911 Pro
  • 1911 Pro w/rail
  • 1911 Fullsize 5”
  • 1911 Fullsize 5” w/rail
  • Micro 380
  • K6S
  • Solo

North American Arms (NAA):

  • Pug 22


  • 1911A1
  • R51

Rock Island:

  • 1911A1 Milspec
  • 1911A1 w/rail


  • American
  • American Compact
  • American 45
  • GP100
  • LC9/380
  • LCP 380
  • LCP 380 GEN 2
  • LCR 38
  • LCR 38 3”
  • P89
  • SR9
  • SR9 Compact
  • SR40
  • SR40 Compact
  • SR22
  • SR45


  • 1911 3”
  • 1911 4.25”
  • 1911 5”
  • 1911 5” w/rail
  • P220
  • P220 w/rail
  • P220 ST
  • P224
  • P225A1
  • P226
  • P226 w/rail
  • P226 w/TLR1
  • P226 w/X300
  • P226 w/XC1
  • P226 MK25 NAVY
  • P226 X5 w/rail
  • P227 w/rail
  • P227 w/TLR1
  • P227 w/X300
  • P227 w/XC1
  • P229 w/rail
  • P250 Compact w/rail
  • P2340 9/40
  • P238
  • P239
  • P938
  • P320 45 Compact
  • P320 9/40 Full-size
  • P320 9/40 Full-size w/TLR1
  • P320 9/40 Full-size w/X300
  • P320 9/40 Full-size w/XC1
  • P320 9/40 Compact
  • 320 9/40 Subcompact
  • P320 Compact w/rail
  • P320 Compact w/TLR1
  • P320 Compact w/X300
  • P320 Compact w/XC1
  • P320 RX
  • P320 Subcompact 9/40
  • SP2022 GEN 1
  • SP2022 GEN 2

Smith & Wesson:

  • M&P 22 Compact
  • M&P 45 4.5”
  • M&P 45 Compact
  • M&P 9/40 4.25
  • M&P 9/40 w/APL
  • M&P 9/40 w/X300
  • M&P 9/40 w/XC1
  • M&P 9/40 Compact
  • M&P 9/40 Shield
  • M&P 9/40 Shield w/TLR6
  • M&P Shield 45
  • M&P M2 9mm
  • M&P M2 40
  • M&P PRO 9/40
  • M442/642
  • Governor
  • SD 9mm VE

Springfield Armory:

  • 1911 3”
  • 1911 4”
  • 1911 5”
  • 1911 5” w/rail
  • XD 9/40 4”
  • XD 9/40 5”
  • XD 9/40 Subcompact
  • XD 9/40 Tactical
  • XD 45 4”
  • XD 45 5”
  • XD 45 Tactical
  • XD MOD 2 4”
  • XD MOD 2 5”
  • XD MOD 2 9/40 subcompact
  • XD MOD 2 45
  • XDE 9
  • XDM 4.5”
  • XDM 5.25”
  • XDM Compact
  • XDS 9/45
  • XDS 4”


  • M9/40 A1
  • C9A1


  • Eagle 5”
  • Edge 5”
  • Rangemaster Edge 5”
  • Trojan 5”


  • 24/7 GEN 2 Compact
  • 738
  • 809
  • PT111/140
  • PT111/140 GEN 2
  • PT709


  • CCP
  • Creed
  • P22
  • P99
  • P99 Compact
  • PK380
  • PPK/s
  • PPQ
  • PPQ 45
  • PPQ M2 4”
  • PPQ M2 5”
  • PPS
  • PPS GEN 2
  • PPX


All holsters are made to order. Current turnaround is 2-3 weeks from your order to shipping your new holster.


We love custom projects. If you are looking for something unique please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our offerings include:

  • Custom Prints
  • Custom Holsters for unlisted firearms
  • Custom Hardware
  • Knife Sheaths
  • Specialty Weapon Sheaths
  • Vehicle Concealment Projects
  • SkidPlates
  • Loop material for Morale Patch


SHIV – A minimalist’s appendix and trigger guard holster. The SHIV is designed to give the lowest possible profile while still providing deep concealed carry. As a IWB Appendix holster, its slim profile provides comfort superior to any full-bodied holster. The retention strap adds to the longevity of the holsters form, while allowing for a second color/pattern choice to better match your gear.
TOP IWB – “Traditional One-Piece” holster. With the added approach to print reduction. Our TOP holster can be had with several mounting hardware choices. All of which provide adjustability for cant/position. It can be carried in appendix, strongside, or kidney positions offering a lightweight solution to stay at the ready no matter how hot it gets.
SCAB OWB – Our core belt Scabbard holster. Adaptable for almost every moment your life will bring. The SCAB’s belt loops can be changed out to MOLLE mounts in order to fit your selected or issued gear. Very tough, the Kydex T material that the body is comprised of has been known to save bones from being broken as a result of directly impact from motorcycle wrecks. So, we are pretty sure this is like adding armor to your hip. Our SCAB will protect and secure your weapon while keeping it at the ready for the dark things that come.
EXFIL – Modular Duty holster w/level 2 retention. In honor of our soldiers and the spirit of getting away from imminent death, the EXFIL is our complete modular holster platform. The one-piece design can be had in left, right or from our custom shop, ambidextrous. The proprietary mounting systems from BladeTech and G Code offer the shooter the availability to mount and dismount in an instant. The EXFIL can be mounted on your belt, in your car, under your desk, beside your bed and your gear. The EXFIL can go anywhere you decide, no matter the conditions, duty or mission.
HUSHPUPPY – Suppressed Modular holster _Coming Soon.
HYBRID – Leather/Kydex Deep concealment holster – Coming Soon.
WARLORD – Advanced Shoulder rig – Coming Soon.


Single Ambi IWB magazine pouch: Our Ambidextrous Mag pouch is form fitted for your magazine. With partially flared magwell, finding your magazines home away from the weapon is made easy. Available with an adjustable cant (angle) tuck-able belt clip that can be removed and placed on the opposite side for the left-handed shooter.
Single belt clip magazine pouch: -Coming Soon
Single stackable magazine pouch – Coming Soon
Double OWB magazine pouch: Our double mag pouch is form fitted for two of your magazine. With partially flared magwell, finding your magazines home away from the weapon is made easy. Properly positioned forward mounted, they are available with either 1.5” or 1.75” belt loops or MOLLE Lok to attach to attach to your battle belt or other MOLLE compatible gear.
Double modular magazine pouch – Coming Soon
Single rifle magazine pouch – Coming Soon
Custom Knife & Tool Sheaths: Contact us for custom shop projects
Hard Admin Pouch – Coming Soon

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